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Is it possible to travel in time? If it is, why haven’t we met any timetravelers from the future? If timetravel is possible, how do we do it?
How to travel in time
Here are some ideas:

• You can use wormholes
• You can travel with the speed of light
• You can use black holes

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What’s a wormhole?

Imagine you fly high above the sea. You take a look out of the window of the plane and see a smooth surface. The plane prepares to land and when you get closer to the sea you can see waves on the surface. Waves you couldn’t see before. You leave the plane and get on a boat. When you look at the water from the boat, you can see ripples on the waves. You go diving and find out that the water is full of tiny bobbles of air. Two of those bubbles are present at the surface of a ripple. The bubbles are so close that they melt together and create a tiny tunnel of air through the ripple. A wormhole is created.

How does a wormhole work?

The distance from the surface of the ripple, through the two bubbles and to the surface on the other side, is shorter than going over the top of the ripple. If you go from one side of the ripple, over the top and to the other side of the ripple with the speed of light, it will take a certain amount of time. If you go through the wormhole, it will take a less amount of time, because you travel a shorter distance. Since you haven’t gone any faster than the speed of light, you have managed to travel in time, without violating Einstein’s laws.
Space and time curves the same way as the sea. It looks smooth, but the more it is magnified, the more it curves. Just like the sea, there are bubbles in time and space that creates wormholes. So, if you can find a wormhole, you can travel to the end of the universe and back faster than the speed of light, without actually travelling faster than the speed of light. This means that you can get back before you left.
Why doesn’t it work, yet?

Given the nature of wormholes, they are extremely small and only exist for a very short period of time. To make a wormhole big enough to travel through will take an enormous amount of energy. More than we can produce. Even if we get it big enough, we still have to keep it open long enough to get through it.