The Planes of Consciousness

Our present existence on Earth is three dimensional. There is time, space, and motion. We think of space in terms of height, length, and width; time as past, present, and future. We speack of ourselves as having physical, mental, and spiritual life. We understand the dimensions of man's awareness to be conscious, subconscious, and superconscious; the world about us as mineral, plant, and animal. The Bible refers to Divinity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

According to Cayce's revelations, our experience relates more to the entire solar system and not just the three dimensions of Earth. The solar system has eight dimensions or planes of consciousness, of which Earth represents three. Other dimensions of consciousness are associated with other planets. There is not only incarnation and reincarnation in the Earth plane, but experiences in other planes between incarnations as well. These experiences are related to the dimension symbolized by the planet. Cayce did not give a complete description of them; however, the following incomplete chart was derived from his revelations. Each planet in our solar system has a different major influence by which certain lessons are to be learned and for which we are tested. They are:

Dimension 2 --- MERCURY - of the Mind
Dimension 4 --- VENUS ------ of Love
Dimension 3 --- EARTH ------ of the Flesh
Dimension ? --- MARS -------- of Wrath (Madness)
Dimension 7 --- JUPITER ---- of Strength
Dimension 1 --- SATURN ----- of Woe
Dimension 8 --- URANUS ----- of the Psyche
Dimension ? --- NEPTUNE --- of the Mystic
Dimension ? --- PLUTO ------- of the Consciousness

Our sun is like an atom in the universe of stars. Just as each atom has many higher and lower energy levels, so our solar system has them as well. For an electron to escape from an energy level of an atom, it must make a quantum leap to a higher energy level. Once the electron has broken free from the atomic forces, it can journey on to other locations. The same is true for a soul. For a soul to escape from the lower planes of consciousness, the soul must rise to higher planes of consciousness. The higher the soul travels, the freer it is from the heavier carnal forces and the soul can journey on to higher places in the universe.