Is Religion True?

Every soul was created, in Biblical terms, as an angel from heaven. Every soul that goes through life was created at the time the universe was created. Sometime afterward, a rebellion began where souls left the Light and presence of God. This is what the Bible refers to as the fall of one third of the angels from heaven. This collective force of rebellion is what the Bible refers to as Satan.

Over time, the fallen souls mingled with the universe and became a part of it. As they became more entangled with matter, it became increasingly difficult to live as pure spiritual beings. As mentioned earlier, the souls trapped on earth inhabited the bodies of a species of apes who later evolved into homo sapiens. The souls were now trapped in these bodies and could only be permanently free from them at the time of death.

The race of man was fostered by a soul which had completed its experience of creation and returned to God, becoming a companion to Him and a cocreator. This is the soul known as the Christ, the soul of God. The Christ soul is Master of the unfallen Sons of God.

The Christ soul wanted to rescue the souls who fell and were trapped on earth. After supervising the first influx of souls to earth, the Christ soul took form himself as a man from time to time, to act as a leader for the people. The Christ soul appeared as the man the Bible refers to as Adam. Adam was not the first man created to live on earth. He was the first man to receive the Christ Spirit, and thus becoming the first Son of God and man.

When Adam received the knowledge of good and evil (which was necessary for spiritually evolved souls to become Christ-like), the peaceful animal life of man ended. Through the Christ soul, new souls could enter the earth dimension for spiritual and physical evolution.

The Christ soul saved mankind. The Christ soul, besides becoming Adam, also took on flesh to become Enoch and Melchizedek, to teach and lead. Enoch and Melchizedek were not born and did not die. The Christ soul realized after these assumptions of flesh that it was necessary to set a pattern for man, to show mankind the way back to God, and to pay the karmic debt for mankind's sins. He assumed this task, and was born to a virgin as Jesus, the three dimensional manifestation of God on earth - the Trinity. Our goal is to become as Christ's three dimensional likeness: body, mind, and soul: the body (as of the Father), mind (as of the Son), and soul (as of the Spirit of God). He, Jesus, triumphant over death and the flesh, laid down the ego of the will, accepted the crucifixion, and returned to heaven showing mankind the way back to God. Jesus paid the karmic debt for receiving the knowledge of good and evil as Adam, because this knowledge, while ultimately bringing redemption and righteousness, also indirectly brought sin. This triumph over death and the body made spiritual perfection through evolution possible for other souls trapped in flesh. Jesus is the pattern we are to follow. Through Jesus (the Spirit of God, love) we can be set free from the earth and it's desires and return to God.