Who Are We?

God's plan for the fallen soul was a series of earth lives, reincarnations through the process of evolution, interlaced with periods of dwelling in other dimensions of consciousness as spirit forms within our solar system. Each of the solar systems in the universe provides an opportunity for development, advancement, and growth toward the ideal of complete companionship with God - the position of cocreator in the vast system of universal mind.

The planets of our solar system represent the dimensions of consciousness of the system of universal mind - its consciousness as a whole. There are nine dimensions to the consciousness of the solar system. The earth, the third planet from the sun, is the third dimension. Our sun is as an atom in the universe of stars. The planets are as electrons with their own dimension of energy around the nucleus of the sun.

This process of evolution and reincarnation continues until every thought and every action of the physical body is in accord with the plan originally laid out for the soul. This conquest of the physical body could not be attained until there was perfection in the other dimensions of consciousness of the solar system, for these made up, with the earth, the total expression of our sun and its planets, the total expression of the mind of God. Whichever state of consciousness the soul assumed became the focal point of activity. The other planes of consciousness receded to the position of urges and influences. When the body could be controlled so that the soul was free from the influences of the flesh - it's cycle of earth lives ended and the soul could go on to higher levels in the universe. However, life after life, souls descended, gravitized, more and more into earthiness, becoming less aware of their own soul, their subconscious minds. Finally man was left with a conscious mind separated from his subconscious mind. The subconscious mind influenced the conscious mind like a body in a suit of clothes. Only in sleep and death is it disrobed.

As this separation of the subconscious mind from the conscious mind continuted, man remembered his true self only in dreams, in stories handed down from one generation to another. The arts and sciences were born, brought to earth by the incoming souls, and gradually their heavenly source was forgotten. Downwardly, man went from heavenly knowledge to revealed religions, philosophy and theology, until man only believed what he could see and feel and prove with his conscious mind. Intellect, roughly speaking, is from the stars: it is the mind of the soul, conditioned by its previous experience in creation outside the solar system, and dimmed or brightened by its recent experiences on earth.