Astrology - A Christian Perspective

According to the Cayce readings, our solar system is a cycle of experiences for the soul. It has nine dimensions, corresponding to the planets; they represent focal points for the dimensions, or environments in which the dimensions can express and materialize themselves - although materialization of each dimension is different. This is the third dimension, and it is a sort of laboratory for the whole system, because only here is free will completely dominant. This is also the only planet where three dimensional physical life exists. On the other planes, souls exist in spirit form corresponding to that dimension. On the other planes, or dimensions, some measure of control is kept over the soul to see that it learns the proper lessons.

The control is usually by the soul itself, if it has evolved sufficiently, because once the body of this dimension has been left and the consiousness of this life has been absorbed into the subconscious, the separation between the two is lifted.

The subconscious is the record of all the lives of the soul, in this system and in other systems, out among the stars. It is the story of what we do with our spirit - the portion of God that is given to us for life, with the gift of individuality, or separate existence from God. Our problem is to perfect our individuality, and then we return to God. Our spirit and soul, or individuality, are joined to Him.

Our astrological influences from the planets, or dimensions, we have inhabited will be good or bad, weak or strong, according to the experiences we have had there, and how we handled our problems.

For example, we react to the earth according to the manner in which we have handled the problems of earth in our other lives - brotherly love, material possessions, sex, food and drink. Sometimes we are working on an earth problem to the exclusion of any influence from the stars or planets at all.

The stars represent soul patterns, not experiences. The twelve signs of the zodiac are twelve patterns from which the soul chooses when coming into the earth plane. They are like races - patterns of temperament, personality, etc.

Astrology is mentioned all throughout the Bible. People had believed in the stars in Biblical times. Everyone knew the influence of the sun on the earth, and the sun was a star. It certainly made a pattern, so far as life on earth was concerned - it shaped everything, or at least nourished everything - and the shape had to be such as to allow the sun to give life to it. The other stars, the signs of the zodiac, for instance, influence people in subtler ways: by making them bullish, or lionish, or airy, or introspective. Since the planets are old dwelling places of the soul, they influence people when they come to a point of prominence in the sky just as a man who had once lived in a certain city would be influenced by reading of it, or meeting someone from the town, or by seeing photographs of it.

vTake the moon, for instance. It's influence is obvious on such things as the tides and the female cycle. These things are observable because the moon was so close. The word "lunatic" stems from "luna" meaning moon. Law enforcement officials are well aware of the affect a full moon has on the crime rate. The other planets are farther away, and the stars are far beyond them. But their light comes to the earth, and they influence in some way the heart, or the brain, or the emotions.

One of the great astrological stories in the Bible is the story of the star of Bethlehem. It is written that the star was a sign from God signalling the birth of the Messiah into the world. The three Magi, Persian astrologer-kings, determined the time of this birth by the position of this star. In 1600, Johannes Kepler hypothesised that this star was actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Confirmed by modern astrology, this symbolism ties in with the prophecies of that era concerning a Messiah amongst the Jews. The conjunctions occurred at the end of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of kings. Saturn is the planet that rules the Jews, thereby giving the king of the Jews. This was a very infrequent triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and it occurred in the year 7 B.C.

Every 2160 years a different sign of the zodiac is in the position dominating earth. It goes backward, and is therefore called a precession. During the heyday of Egypt the sign of Taurus, the Bull, was in the commanding position. So the people worshiped the bull. But Taurus ruled only by reflection, as it were. It was the overt sign. The sun, actually in Scorpio, was shining across into Taurus. So Scorpio, the real sign, the spiritual guide of the searht, appeared on the foreheads and staffs of the priests of the time.

We are now at the tail-end of the Age of Pisces, the fish (the Church Age) and will enter the Age of Aquarius (the Age of the Water-Bearer, Christ) around the year 2300 AD. Christ was born as the last Lamb of the Age of Aries (the Ram) and the first Fish of sacrificial Pisces. The two fish of Pisces show Christianity's split between spirit and matter. The Equinox reached the first star of the second fish in 1817, and the rise of secular science in this year fulfills ancient predictions of "antichrist". Jesus recuited fishermen as disciples to make them fishers of men. He fed the masses with a miraculous draft of fishes. His followers were know as "pisciculi", the "little fishes". The sign of the fish has been know the world over to be the sign of Christianity.

With the Age of Aquarius, after much earth upheavels, the true Water Bearer will rule this planet. He is the one who will bring Living waters that bring eternal life. Many believe this Age will bring heaven on earth. This is the time when the prophet says "They shall beat their swords into plowshares". Jesus Himself said that there will be wonders in the sun, moon, and stars signalling His return. We must always look to the many signs so that we will not be taken unawares.