The Three Stages After Death

During a period in 1743, Emanuel Swedenborg experienced a number of dreams and visions that moved him profoundly. A fifty-five year old bachelor scientist and arguably Europe's most brilliant thinker, he began to devote his total creative energy into discovering the nature of the human soul. In the process, he came face to face with God. He received a Christ vision of such extraordinary power that it changed his life dramatically. After his Christ encounter, Swedenborg's inner life underwent an extraordinary paranormal transition leaving him with an amazing capacity for second sight unique in the annals of psychic phenomena. The following are excerpts from famous book "Heaven and Hell" which provides more than just a glimpse into the exciting journey awaiting us all.

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A person's true love is revealed at death.
The first stage after death.
The second stage after death.
The third stage after death.
The way to heaven is not hard.

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